Monday, January 28, 2008

Property Is Theft

The Diary of Good Music

Music You Have Likely Not Heard Before....I think, maybe.

Aphex Twin - Xtal (Selected Ambient Works 85-92)

Klute - I'll Do Anything (No One's Listening Anymore)

Manu Chao - Infinita Tristeza

Gomez - 78 Stone Wobble (Bring It On)

Failure - Dirty Blue Balloons (Fantastic Planet)

  • "Xtal" is possibly the most blissfully chilled out piece of music ever
  • "I'll Do Anything" is the finest non-dnb tune Klute has ever made i.m.o.
  • Manu Chao is just eclectic catchy sounds
  • the Gomez tune is warm soulful bluesy rock
  • Failure is underrated heavier alt rock.

***Disclaimer of Sorts: I did not upload these tracks, I like these tracks and these are ones I specifically chose for this blog, but I found these links online, on Google, so some other person uploaded them***

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Anonymous said...

aggressive has two "g"s in it you douchebag.

...and passive-aggressiveness doesn't cause AIDS: the gayness of this blog causes it.